Week 4

In your share this week: Rainbow Swiss Chard (looks so nice right now!) ‘Samantha’ red lettuce ‘Walla Walla’ sweet onions – great grilled, even the tops and bolting tops! Kohlrabi – Here’s the oddball of the week that some of you may not be familiar with.  See the extensive notes at the bottom of thisContinue reading “Week 4”

Week 3

Lots of greenery of various shades this week: kale – “rainbow lacinato” salad turnips – “hakurei” (remember you can eat the roots raw if you like, and the greens are lovely cooked, similar to mustard greens) parsley lettuce – one head of “Nevada” (green) and one mini head (various varieties) arugula – we bunched itContinue reading “Week 3”

Week 2

Greens greens and more greens!  It’s what’s for dinner!  Welcome to week 2 of the CSA folks. “Samantha” red leaf lettuce A mini lettuce head, either “reef” (the frilly one) or “little gem” (a romaine) Mustard greens Broccoli raab Spinach Green garlic Salad turnips Radish My favorite way to cook the broccoli raab is toContinue reading “Week 2”

Week 1

​​ Welcome to the 2017 CSA Share!  In your share this week you will find: green garlic bok choi “reef” mini lettuce head (the very serrated green leaf one) mini red or green lettuce head fava tops / tips arugula You can use the entire stalk of the green garlic (it’s an immature softneck garlicContinue reading “Week 1”

Week 24

In this week’s share… Leeks Potatoes – “Red Gold” from Sauvie Island Organics Celery – The leaves & tops are good for soups, stocks, etc. Fennel – Good raw sliced thin as a salad with olive oil & parmesan, or roast it with other veggies in the oven (see recipe below). Turnip – A new variety for me thisContinue reading “Week 24”

Week 23

Butternut squash – from Sauvie Island Organics! Delicious roasted and as a base for soups. Daikon radish – Holy moly, what a lot of food is in a daikon.  These are incredible plants I’ve got to say.  Did you know that daikon can be the base for making kim chi? Parsnip – One of my fall favorites!  Roasted orContinue reading “Week 23”

Week 22

It’s definitely fall soup time this week! Potatoes – Yukon Golds from Sauvie Island Organics Leeks – To clean these properly, cut in half lengthwise and run the inner layers under running water to get any bits of soil out.  The white part of leeks can be used like onions though they have their very ownContinue reading “Week 22”

Week 21

Lots of new items are making their way into the share this week: winter squash, shallots, beet greens, and mustard greens. winter squash – “red kuri” is the variety, grown organically by Grow Portland at the Oregon Food Bank site.  Red kuri (and winter squash in general) is delicious roasted: cut the squash in half, scrapeContinue reading “Week 21”

Week 19

storage onions – “Newburg” is the variety. romano beans – we stopped picking these plants way back in early August or late July sometime assuming they were done, but they recently started putting on a whole new flush of small beans! swiss chard lettuce – “Samantha” sweet peppers – there is a nice mix right now of various shapesContinue reading “Week 19”

Week 18

Tomatoes gleefully continue with this lovely September weather.  Eggplants, summer squash and cucumbers continue to slow down.  In fact, some of you won’t get cucumbers this week and instead will receive a handful of beets.  Celery enters the share again this week as we clean up the outside stalks.  I find it has decent flavor,Continue reading “Week 18”

Week 17

We’re having another colorful week as the weather starts to feel more like fall.  A little variation today is provided by our friend kohlrabi.  My favorite way to eat it is to trim away the leaves and the outer tough skin, then cut the interior into matchsticks for snacking & dipping. We are getting intoContinue reading “Week 17”

Week 16

Some of you will be very happy to see the tomatoes really come into full swing this week.  The cucumbers and summer squash are slowing down.  A nice cut lettuce mix provides some variation and an easy salad.  The kale is the first harvest off a new planting for the fall, so it’s nice andContinue reading “Week 16”

Week 15

Week 15 out of 28 means we are past the halfway mark of the CSA.  Yikes is it really almost the end of August already? You’ll recognize pretty much everything in the share today.  The one new item is Jalapeno peppers – and yes, they are the red ones.  Everyone thinks of jalapenos as green,Continue reading “Week 15”

Week 14

It’s a heavy load of veggies this week!  The new addition of celery adds a little more green to the rainbow.  They are the outer stalks we removed from the celery plants as we are cleaning up in that planting – good for flavoring soup or broth, adding crunch to a salad, or just eatingContinue reading “Week 14”

Week 13

Summer color is all over this week’s share! Yellow carrots – these are good carrots for cooking!  A bit more fibrous than the orange ones, but also fine for fresh eating.  Thursday folks got these last week so this week it will back to orange carrots for them. Green Beans “Provider” – A little change ofContinue reading “Week 13”

Week 12

Another big romano green bean haul today!  Unsure of what to do with all those beans?  You may want to try dilly beans (pickled green beans).  These romano beans are just longer than most so you’ll want to cut them into shorter pieces.  Here’s one web resource for dilly beans (but also has links to other recipesContinue reading “Week 12”