Week 1


Welcome to the 2017 CSA Share!  In your share this week you will find:

  • green garlic
  • bok choi
  • “reef” mini lettuce head (the very serrated green leaf one)
  • mini red or green lettuce head
  • fava tops / tips
  • arugula

You can use the entire stalk of the green garlic (it’s an immature softneck garlic plant that hasn’t formed it’s bulb yet) as you would regular garlic or make green garlic pesto, or just grill the whole thing like asparagus.

I think the bok choi and the green garlic and the fava tips would make a great stir fry together.  The fava tips are good sauteed with a bit of olive oil and salt.  I do have to apologize: with the heat today I was trying to keep everything well-hydrated and only later did I realize that the fava leaves really don’t like getting wet.  They start going south pretty quickly when moist, so I hope you can dry them out and use them sooner than later.  Lesson learned!

Arugula and lettuce will make a nice salad.  There’s quite a bit of arugula in the share so use it on everything from pizza to sandwiches.

We had planned radishes and turnips as well for this early time in the share season, but they are behind schedule due to weather, and also the first radish seeding had a tough time germinating.  We have reseeded those and look forward to those yummy salad turnips in maybe 2 weeks time.  Peas are also coming in maybe 2 weeks or so, as long as they survive this heat, which they don’t like.

We’re glad to be harvesting once again and glad to have everyone coming to the farm again.  The season is here, ready or not, so here we go!  We have the exciting addition of new built-in wash/pack/distribution furniture & plumbing thanks to Josh!  If you’re a returning member see if you can tell the difference in our distribution and wash area.  It’s making a big difference already in how pleasant it is to use that space.

In other farm news, we got most of the farm pretty well weeded today, a task that we try to stay on top of every 10-14 days or so.  Josh also direct seeded all of our winter squash today, interspersed with some dry beans and dry corn for a “3 sisters” planting.  We also finished up laying out most of the irrigation for the season – just in time.

I caught a little clip here of the drip tape in action on the onions in the evening light.  It looks like Christmas lights to me.

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