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Week 1, a week late

Last week’s share was featured on our Facebook and Instagram accounts (a little late) but I forgot to post it to the blog. As a matter of record, here it was.

Today’s share: arugula, lettuce, choi, sage flowers, favs greens, chive blossoms, green garlic and spinach. Pretty good start to the season. I’ll try to post earlier next week, got a bit overwhelmed by the first day back harvesting today. I’m out of practice.

Spring, Week 2

Today’s share: abundant bloomsdale spinach, pink beauty radishes, Nash’s green kale, 5 color silverbeet (aka chard), green garlic, jester lettuce, basic arugula. Lots of great greens again this week and a bit of radish and garlic too. Even the radish greens are good eating, a bit sharp for some but excellent cooked down. Remember to check out cookwithwhatyouhave‘s recipe collection for ideas on how to use all of these to their fullest.


May Video Farm Tour

Two videos this month: a late afternoon walk through the fields and a quick greenhouse tour. Enjoy!

April Field Walk (a few days early)

It was beautiful on the farm yesterday and I had a free moment so I shot another video field walk. I did manage to get the potatoes and spinach in by the end of the day. Also, not in the video but in a remote spot, we fertilized and cultivated the garlic yesterday and it’s looking good too.

March Field Walk Video

Here’s the first field walk video. I’m hoping these will give our CSA members, and anyone else who’s interested, a little insight into what happens behind the scenes. The harvest photos show the beautiful results, these videos will probably show some of the work, successes and even set backs that go into getting to the harvest.

Video Update

Our first video update for the farm! My goal is to get one or two of these out each month. Look for a field version some time next week.


Week 26/27


img_2456The final share is here!  This last share is a whopper that hopefully many folks will be able to use some of as part of Thanksgiving celebrations.

  • Butternut squash
  • Parsnip
  • Carrots
  • Turnip
  • Beets
  • Cippolini onion
  • Leeks
  • Garlic
  • Savoy Cabbage
  • Collards (or kale for some Thursday folks)
  • Lettuce (1 red and either 2 mini romaine for Monday, or 1 small red for Thursday)
  • Spinach

Cippolini onions are milder and sweeter than your average yellow onion and are great for roasting and caramelizing.  More info here.  The turnip in this week’s share is called “Wonnegold” and is from Adaptive Seeds.  It’s a lovely golden turnip with a bit of a radish-y flavor.

Savoy cabbage is new in the share this week.  You could make a slaw or kraut with the turnips.  Or cook it along with the collards or kale for a big mess of greens.  Spinach is another item we haven’t seen for a while.  It’s flavor is nice after some of the cold nights that we’ve had this fall, which bring out the sweetness in almost all the vegetables still in the field.

I’m glad that our carrots lasted until this final share.  We had just enough to keep them going in each share this fall.  It was nice to balance out the sad lack of carrots we had in the summer.  A lot of our crops seemed to be just the right amount actually.  We are pretty much giving out everything that’s left this week!

Thanks to everyone who’s been involved in the farm this year!  All the CSA members, all the Cully Farmers Market folks, our amazing crew – Josh, Martin, Matt Ives, Sam, Mark!  None of this is possible without all of you!  All the best this winter to all of you.  Keep in touch, and eat well.