About Us

Cully Neighborhood Farm is a one acre urban farm located in the Cully neighborhood of Northeast Portland, growing a diversity of mixed vegetables and herbs since 2010. We use sustainable and ecological growing methods to bringing a variety of delicious vegetables to CSA members.


The farm would not exist without our partnership with Trinity Lutheran Church & School, on whose land we farm.  The values that drive this work are delicious healthy food, a healthy soil ecosystem, neighborhood-level sustainability and community self-reliance.

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In 2018, Josh Volk of Slow Hand Farm is taking over some of the management of the farm. After working with Matt Gordon at Cully Neighborhood Farm for the past two seasons, he’s stepping in to give Matt more space to focus on his growing family and growing the best vegetables possible. Matt will still be in the field, but he’ll be spending less time overall on the farm. The main difference from the CSA member perspective will be that CSA payments and sign-ups will now go to Slow Hand Farm, but the production and harvests will still be done using the same land, the same methods and the same experienced crew.

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