Week 23

Sugarloaf chicory (Thursday folks may get another kind of chicory) Delicata Winter Squash Kale Arugula (a bit spicy!) Watermelon Radish Leeks Tomato Yellow Onion Carrots Chicories represent a broad spectrum of salad crops related to lettuce but are more cold tolerant and have a bit more bitter edge to them.  Among them are radicchio, escarole,Continue reading “Week 23”

Week 22

It’s the end of summer for real now folks, the tomatoes are coming down.  After harvesting the good-looking green tomatoes, Matt and Sam removed the plants from the trellis string.  After this photo they took down the trellises as well, so the field is looking quite different.  Though we could have left them in, tomatoesContinue reading “Week 22”

Week 21

Leeks Garlic Tomatoes Lettuce Sweet Pepper Kale Beets Carrots Fennel The peppers are slowing way way down and we are picking them quite a bit more green.  Using them immediately they will taste more like green peppers but they will continue to ripen up on your kitchen counter.  The white-ish “gypsy” peppers actually taste reallyContinue reading “Week 21”

Week 20

The days are shorter, the sun is lower in the sky, but we are still eating well thanks to the abundance of fall.  In the share this week – Eggplant (probably the last) Swiss chard Carrots “Amarosa” Fingerling Potato Sweet Peppers Tomatoes Yellow Onion “Samantha” red lettuce Peppers and tomatoes are still coming, but slowly.Continue reading “Week 20”

Week 19

Acorn winter squash Collard greens Sweet peppers Garlic Tomato Carrots Parsley Romaine lettuce Yes carrots are back!  Hooray!  We should have them for a good while now, probably not every week, but hopefully most weeks from now until the end of the share in mid-November. Winter squash makes its very first appearance in the shareContinue reading “Week 19”

Week 18

In this week’s share: Basil Lettuce (2 mini heads) Tomatoes Sweet Peppers Kale (Monday got “Rainbow Lacinato”, Thursday will probably get “Dazzling Blue Lacinato”) “Sangre” Potato Beets Yellow Onion Cucumber (Thursday may get summer squash instead) Rain has arrived, and with it come changes on the farm and in the CSA share.  Late summer cropsContinue reading “Week 18”

Week 17

I forgot to take a picture of the share Monday so this week’s update is late (sorry)! Here’s what’s in the Thursday share this week (Monday’s was slightly different): * Kohlrabi * Garlic * Lettuce (Mini heads: “reef” and “little gem”) * Celery * Cucumbers * Summer Squash * Sweet Peppers * Tomatoes * EggplantContinue reading “Week 17”

Week 15

In this week’s share: Not pictured: either Potatoes or Carrots (Monday got potatoes, Thursday will get potatoes or carrots) Swiss Chard Sweet peppers (current varieties: Jimmy Nardello, Gypsy Queen, Liebsapfel, Stocky Red Roaster) Mini Head Lettuces Onions Summer squash / zucchini Cucumbers Eggplant Basil Tomatoes The transition to late summer means more color, especially theContinue reading “Week 15”

Week 14

This week’s share features the return of the sweet onion! Sweet Onions – “Ailsa Craig” Collard Greens Lettuce – “Samantha” Parsley Summer Squash Cucumbers Eggplant Tomatoes – Slicers & Larger Heirlooms Sweet Peppers Summer is in full force still with good quantities of tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers and squash cruising into the packing shed.  Peppers areContinue reading “Week 14”

Week 13

Here’s a bright and sunny August share for you! Sweet peppers! – Long skinny are “Jimmy Nardello” and the rounder one is “Liebsapfel.”  They will ripen/redden up more on your counter top. Swiss Chard Beets Eggplant Celery Garlic Summer Squash Tomatoes Cucumbers Lettuce – Romaine Note that we will likely have bulk basil for pestoContinue reading “Week 13”

Week 12

In this week’s share: Tomatoes! First of the season! “Gypsy” pepper – at this stage it’s flavor is between a green pepper and a sweet pepper Cucumbers Garlic Eggplant Beets Carrots Lettuce Green Romano Beans Summer Squash I realize I neglected last week’s blog post – whoops!  The heat wave had me thinking only aboutContinue reading “Week 12”

Week 10

Carrots! Mini Lettuces (Monday got “Reef”, Thursday will get other varieties) Japanese Eggplant – Romano Green Beans Collard Greens Zucchini / Summer Squash Fresh Garlic! Walla Walla onions Cucumbers The Romano beans an Italian variety of green bean.  You should be able to do just about anything you would with a regular green bean withContinue reading “Week 10”

Week 9

I thought I’d go through the varieties of veggies in a little more detail this week, as you’ll be seeing a lot of these week after week, or every 2-3 weeks in some cases. Beets – (variety is actually a diverse gene pool called “3 Root Grex” and has lots of orange roots and strongContinue reading “Week 9”

Week 8

Lots of new crops coming in this week!  Carrots (finally!), green beans, new potatoes! Carrots (“napoli” is our one and only carrot variety this year because we just love it!) New Potatoes (“Yukon Gold” is this week’s variety – good for boiling, baking, roasting, mashing…) Green Beans (“Provider”) Romaine lettuce Summer Squash / Zucchini SwissContinue reading “Week 8”

Week 7

Fava beans Zucchini Cucumber Basil Cabbage Beets Salad turnips Radish Two mini lettuce heads Green onion Fava beans are a bit of a labor of love in the kitchen, but they are worth it!  Please check the bottom of this post to find great preparation ideas from “Bounty From the Box – The CSA FarmContinue reading “Week 7”

Week 6

Week 6 is here!  Whew, that was a hot weekend! The farm survived the heat with little damage – maybe lost a few baby lettuce transplants due to an irrigation snafu, but most of them survived.  The plants are much happier with today’s mid-70’s temps though (not to mention the farmers!) Above about 90 degreesContinue reading “Week 6”

Week 5

Already it feels like the season is just flying by!  This week the peas are really in full production mode, we have the first full-size romaine lettuce, first taste of beets, radishes make a return, and more.  In the share: Sugar Snap Peas Snow Peas Walla Walla sweet onions Beet green thinnings, with roots KaleContinue reading “Week 5”