Week 9

I thought I’d go through the varieties of veggies in a little more detail this week, as you’ll be seeing a lot of these week after week, or every 2-3 weeks in some cases.

  • Beets – (variety is actually a diverse gene pool called “3 Root Grex” and has lots of orange roots and strong tops).  You’ll see beets probably every 2-4 weeks, usually alternating with carrots in between.
  • Kale – “Nash’s Green” – We try to put a braising green like kale, collards, or chard most weeks.
  • Lettuce – “Nevada” (wow this lettuce is so amazingly sweet and juicy even in the hot summer!) – As you know we try to have a head of lettuce for everyone each week.
  • Basil – 
  • Green beans – “Provider” (we may or may not have one more week of these, but either way, we’ll have the flat podded italian Romano green beans starting very soon, and they are delicious!)
  • New Potatoes – “Yukon Gold” – This is it for new potatoes! The rest of the potatoes will arrive in the fall starting early October.
  • Summer Squash – “light green zucchini=”Genovese”, dark green zucchini=”Mutabile”, and the patty pan is “Patisson Golden Marbre Scallop” – that’s a mouthful, and from local seed company adaptiveseeds.com.  Summer squash need to be constantly harvested so they’ll be in the share every week probably until late August or so.
  • Cucumbers – long smooth skinned = “Tasty Jade”, regular slicer = “Marketmore 76”, round light yellow = “Lemon”.  Like summer squash, cucumbers will also be in the share each week during the summer period.
  • Sweet Onions – “Walla Walla” – we’ll continue to give these out weekly until we are out, as they don’t store all that well.  Once they are gone you’ll start seeing garlic and other onions.

A note on summer kale and collards: They don’t really like the heat!  That is why they become more tough and leathery.  They require a longer cooking time to become tender then the succulent spring harvest of these crops.  I braised this week’s kale with some chicken broth, water, and salt for about 60 minutes before the stems were tender, and finished with a little apple cider vinegar.  I still find it tastes good if you prepare it well.  Curious what you all think…

This photo is from a few weeks ago when we harvested the Walla Walla onions out of the field to cure in the shade.  Note the use of Josh’s fancy farm hand cart.  More on this project of his can be found here: farmhandcarts.com


This week we’ll be readying beds and planting fall successions of crops like kale, collards, and cabbage, as well as fall-only crops like radicchio and other chicories.  And we continue to plant lettuce though I believe this week is the last week we are seeding lettuce in the greenhouse start trays which will become the lettuce you will eat in October! We’re only a third of the way through the CSA harvest season, but in terms of the growing season I’d say we’re at least halfway through.  That’s because once fall hits, a lot of crops can “hold” well in the field without growing much or going bad in the cooler, shorter days of fall.  Also in the fall some of the produce you’ll see will be coming from storage and not directly from the field, having already been harvested earlier and cured to last in storage.  These are things like garlic, winter squash, and onions.

Enjoy these dog days of summer!  I know I am.  Here’s to bounty and good eating!

– Farmer Matt & the CNF crew.