Week 17

I forgot to take a picture of the share Monday so this week’s update is late (sorry)! Here’s what’s in the Thursday share this week (Monday’s was slightly different):
* Kohlrabi
* Garlic
* Lettuce (Mini heads: “reef” and “little gem”)
* Celery
* Cucumbers
* Summer Squash
* Sweet Peppers
* Tomatoes
* Eggplant
In the take it or leave it bin there were some hot peppers and padron peppers.
The summer squash and cucumbers are probably on their last or next to last week here, right on schedule (according to the plan we made in the winter)!  So the share will be changing a bit as we head into fall.  We will still have a decent amount of peppers and a few tomatoes for a while, though eggplant may also be done.  The romano green beans will most likely be on the u-pick list next week.
This is the last of the celery for the season.  It was starting to get spongy and weird – hopefully I gave you mostly decent parts of the plant, but you may have to trim off bits.
Kohlrabi!  Remember how to eat it?  Just peel the skin, slice into matchsticks and dip in your favorite dip!  Yum!
As we head toward fall I thought I’d tell you about some of the different crops that will come into the share sooner or later from now until the end of the share.  We’ll have potatoes, winter squash, leeks, kale, collard greens, spinach, fennel, winter radishes, turnips, mustard greens, beets and parsnips.  Oh, and carrots!  Yes carrots will be back.  Our final planting of them is looking good so it should provide at least some orange sweetness for your fall eating pleasure.  I have definitely been a bit frustrated this year at not having more carrots to give out as I know it’s a favorite item.  We’ve had various issues with our carrot plantings, mostly weeds and spotty germination.  Carrots are one of the toughest crops to keep the weeds from getting the best of them.  At our farm our energies are scattered around caring for so many different crops and the carrots apparently were in a spot with high weed pressure, so many of them got really crazy weedy really fast, making it not worth the effort to try to salvage what little was there (though we did that too).  It’s definitely a lesson learned for the future: prioritize the carrots early on in their life, no matter what else is going on!
In other farmy news, in advance of this weekend’s oncoming rain, we decided to pull some of the winter squash out of the field and into storage.  Martin and Matthew made good use of Josh’s farm hand cart to make picking them up easy.
As always, make sure you make use of the cookwithwhatyouhave.com recipe website as a good go-to for veggie recipe ideas, and let me know if you have any questions or comments on the CSA.
Happy end of summer to you!
– Matt