Week 16

Some of you will be very happy to see the tomatoes really come into full swing this week.  The cucumbers and summer squash are slowing down.  A nice cut lettuce mix provides some variation and an easy salad.  The kale is the first harvest off a new planting for the fall, so it’s nice and tender compared to the older planting.  There is a small assortment of small beets in the share.  These are from a planting hit hard by aphids, leaf miners, and weeds, but we got a few beets out of it.  On the other hand, the beet planting for fall is looking pretty darn good.  Garlic is back for a little change, and eggplants keep truckin along.

How about a little beet & kale saute?  Something like this perhaps: http://blissfullnutrition.blogspot.com/2011/05/sauteed-kale-with-beets.html

Back to tomatoes for a moment: Remember to store them NOT in the fridge for best flavor.  If they start turning on you before you’ve used them by the end of the week, next time grab some that are firmer and lighter in color.  They will ripen up over the course of the week on your counter.  We have slicers & saucers (paste tomatoes).  Please ASK at pickup if you want to know what’s what.

As September is upon us, it is soon time to seed some winter cover crops into open beds, as well as interseeded into crops that will be going late into the fall or overwintering.  Cover crops have many benefits, and are basically defined as crops that are grown specifically to improve soil health and not to harvest.  We’ll be using crimson clover as well as a mix of cereal rye & vetch.