Week 15

Week 15 out of 28 means we are past the halfway mark of the CSA.  Yikes is it really almost the end of August already?

You’ll recognize pretty much everything in the share today.  The one new item is Jalapeno peppers – and yes, they are the red ones.  Everyone thinks of jalapenos as green, but they do get red eventually and are worth the wait for the extra sweetness, in addition to their spice.  Parsley is making a nice return here, which could go nicely in a tomato salad.  This is probably the last of the Walla Walla onions, and they should keep OK outside the fridge now.  The cucumbers and summer squash are slowing down a little bit but we’ll still have them for a few more weeks, just in less quantity.  There are a mix of yellow and orange carrots this week.  LOTS of tomatoes are in the share this week!  It feels like they are finally getting into full swing.  Eggplant, kale OR collards, and those ever-popular padron peppers round out this week’s haul.

We finally finished trellising our field tomatoes today so we can actually walk through all of the pathways now, hooray!  I’ve been enjoying tasting the various varieties, some of them new to me this year.  I’m hoping in next week’s post to give a little diagram of what variety is what.  Just like the peppers, the tomatoes like to sit outside the fridge on your counter, and if you pick some slightly firmer or lighter colored ones, they will ripen up fully usually within 2-5 days.