Week 24

In this week’s share…


Potatoes – “Red Gold” from Sauvie Island Organics

Celery – The leaves & tops are good for soups, stocks, etc.

Fennel – Good raw sliced thin as a salad with olive oil & parmesan, or roast it with other veggies in the oven (see recipe below).

Turnip – A new variety for me this year, “Wonnegold,” they have a nice golden hue to them.  I’m excited to try it roasted or in a soup.  Don’t confuse it with the radishes…

“Watermelon” Radish – Careful, these look surprisingly similar to the turnip on the outside, but more green/white and the turnip is more yellow/white.  On the inside though, these are a fantastic pink and pretty mild.  If you’re eating them raw, peel off the tough skin.

Carrots – These yellow carrots were in a very weedy bed which has really reduced their size.  Oh well, they are cute and tasty though.


Lettuce – romaine – This is really the last week for lettuce.  I promise this time.


Roasted potatoes & fennel (you could add the turnip, radish, carrot, and leeks in there as well if you dare!)

Soup with leeks, turnip, potato, and chard

I’m really loving the evening light during CSA pickup these fall days.