Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes!

Being that we are smack in the middle of tomato season, I finally can show off all the varieties we are growing this year!  Here they are:fullsizerender

Top Row are the slicers, from Left to Right: Indigo Apple, Super Lakota, New Girl

Middle Row are the saucers (left to right): Amish Paste, David Yudkin, Cuor di Bue Albenga

Bottom Row are “heirloom” slicers and cherries: Black Krim, Pruden’s Purple, Black Cherry, Sungold


Indigo Apple – From the indigo line bred by Jim Myers of OSU for higher anthocyanin content (an antioxidant)

Super Lakota – A very productive and tasty slicer which can get pretty large.

New Girl – A tasty, productive small/medium slicer that stays firm so keeps pretty well.

Amish Paste – A standout heirloom sauce tomato that has great flavor for fresh eating as well.

David Yudkin – A family Italian paste variety that has been stewarded by the owner of Hot Lips Pizza in Portland for decades.

Cuor di Bue Albenga – Translates to “oxheart” of Albenga.  This is the Northern Italian version of sauce tomatoes, which are typically roasted first before saucing.  Delicious fresh as well.

Black Krim – Great complex heirloom flavor!  Plus it’s productive for an heirloom.  Deep purple/black color.

Pruden’s Purple – My new favorite this year for flavor, size, and productivity.  Pruden’s Purple is really pink, and can make some big (and little) fruits.  I’ve been loving it on sandwiches or on eggs in the morning.

Black Cherry – Some of that complex heirloom flavor in a bite size package!

Sungold – Tomato candy!