Week 18

Tomatoes gleefully continue with this lovely September weather.  Eggplants, summer squash and cucumbers continue to slow down.  In fact, some of you won’t get cucumbers this week and instead will receive a handful of beets.  Celery enters the share again this week as we clean up the outside stalks.  I find it has decent flavor, though it’s a little tougher than your average grocery store celery, though not bad.  Great for flavoring a soup or stew, or for chopping up raw into salads.  The collard greens this week are from a new, younger planting and so much more tender than the last round.  They are looking awesome right now.  The lettuce is called “Green Reef” and looks like ‘frisee’ but don’t be fooled – it is a lettuce and tastes like lettuce.  A cut or two at the base should release most of the head into individual salad-sized leaves.  The Jimmy Nardello sweet peppers (the long thin red or red/green ones) are on in a big way this week.  If you want to, you can string them through the stem to dry them which will preserve them for winter.  Other sweet peppers include Gypsy Queen (yellow/orange/red), Stocky Red Roaster (red), Gatherer’s Gold (yellow).  Red jalapenos are also included.  There have been CSA member reports of these jalapenos being not spicy at all and others who say they’re very spicy.  I’ve always experienced quite a kick from these, but they may vary a lot in heat.  Carrots and cured garlic round out the share.  The carrots are the last from the planting we’ve been working on for a while now.  Next week we will probably start into the next planting which will be on the small side for now.

The next bunch of weeks we will be sowing our fall/winter cover crop mixes into every available bed of the farm in order to cover the soil from winter rains, increase the organic matter, and provide fertility to next year’s crops.  Soon tender green rye, vetch, and clover will be poking their tips into the crisp fall air.  I look forward to vibrantly green winter fields.