Week 19

  • storage onions – “Newburg” is the variety.
  • romano beans – we stopped picking these plants way back in early August or late July sometime assuming they were done, but they recently started putting on a whole new flush of small beans!
  • swiss chard
  • lettuce – “Samantha”
  • sweet peppers – there is a nice mix right now of various shapes and colors.  My new favorite this year is the “Liebsapfel” which is the red, round, lobed one.
  • hot peppers – fully mature red jalapenos
  • summer squash – could be the last week of these
  • tomatoes – not quite as many as last week but still a decent haul

In addition you either got one kohlrabi or one chinese cucumber.

In the next few weeks expect some more new items to show up including potatoes and winter squash!  Here’s to the fall changes!