Week 13

Summer color is all over this week’s share!

Yellow carrots – these are good carrots for cooking!  A bit more fibrous than the orange ones, but also fine for fresh eating.  Thursday folks got these last week so this week it will back to orange carrots for them.

Green Beans “Provider” – A little change of shape and size from the bigger Romano green beans we’ve been enjoying.  Steamed, sauteed, boiled, etc plus butter / lemon / salt?  Mmm hmm!  Or there’s always the quick pickling process for dilly beans.  NOTE: We have stopped picking the Romano beans, but if you want more of them there are still many available on the vines for free U-Pick for CSA members.  Let me know if you want to come pick some.

Sweet Peppers – Most of you will get one “Jimmy Nardello” sweet italian frying pepper.  These are long, skinny, and sweet.  A few of you will be trying a sweet pimento (round, ribbed) pepper called “Liebsapfel.”  Note that for any sweet pepper, if you leave it out at room temperature, it will continue ripening & coloring, so for added sweetness, wait until full color.

Red Torpedo Onions – A nice big haul of these and this is probably the last of them you’ll see this year.  Remember these are great sliced in half lengthwise and grilled with olive oil and salt.

Cucumbers – The regular variety of shapes and sizes this week.  NOTE: If anyone wants to buy pickling cucumbers at $2.25/lb, please get in touch.

Tomatoes – We are getting more each week as you can see.  A few of the varieties out in the field (not under the cover of the hoophouse) are starting to ripen up as well.  This week most of you are enjoying “New Girl” (basic red slicer), “Black Krim” (darkish heirloom), and “Sungold” (orange cherry).

Summer Squash – We are starting to get a little more of the “Genovese” (the light green zucchini) so more of you will have the opportunity to try that one.  The patty pans (“Patisson”) are really producing right now, and the regular zukes are still chugging along.

Eggplant “Orient Express” – We are getting a little bit more production from these each week.

“Nevada” green leaf Lettuce