Cully Neighborhood Farm Restaurant Produce List Week of 7/25/11

Hello chefs–Here are the items for this week. I’ve included variety, quantity, and price per pound or per each. Please forward to interested chefs: Cut Lettuce Mix: Up to 6 lbs. 6/lb (leaves are a medium size, larger than baby green size) Head Lettuce: Up to 15 heads or 15 lbs-$1.50/head or $1.00/lb Cooking Greens… Continue reading Cully Neighborhood Farm Restaurant Produce List Week of 7/25/11

CSA share 7/21/11

Let’s do the numbers… basil – small handful beet thinnings – bunch chives – bunch chard – bunch cucumber – 1 or so arugula – ~0.5 lb lettuce – 1 head of “sucrine” cut mixed lettuce – ~0.5 lb parsley – large bunch carrots – 1 bunch oregano cuttings with flowers – 1 bunch summer… Continue reading CSA share 7/21/11

Change in Cully Neighborhood Farm’s Status at the Cully Community Market

Hello Friends– I apologize if this is redundant for you. We wanted to write a quick note to let you know that we will no longer be doing the Cully Community Market. Our CSA is going great but unfortunately, we don’t have enough surplus nor the time and energy to warrant doing a market on… Continue reading Change in Cully Neighborhood Farm’s Status at the Cully Community Market

CSA share 7/14/11

Hello CSA Members! You are awesome! So far, we hope you have found the produce in your share varied enough to keep you excited about cooking. As we shift into the peak of summer, if you are a curious type we’d like to give you an idea of what to expect in your share over… Continue reading CSA share 7/14/11

CSA share 7/7

Wow July already! Here’s the rundown – lettuce – 1 head ‘double density’ (ruffled, speckled romaine), 1 head ‘pirat’ (blushed butterhead) red ursa kale – 1 bunch beets – 1 bunch fennel – 2 bulbs cabbage – 2 small heads – ‘alcosa’ is the savoy and ‘gonzalez’ the other summer squash – ~0.6 lbs (varieties… Continue reading CSA share 7/7

Cully Neighborhood Farm receives grant for garden education program

Cully Neighborhood Farm, in partnership with Trinity Lutheran Church, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, Concordia University, and the North East Emergency Food Bank is pleased to announce being rewarded a grant funded by East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District. The grant funds will sponsor the construction of a learning garden for students at Trinity Lutheran… Continue reading Cully Neighborhood Farm receives grant for garden education program

Interview about urban farming with Michael Tevlin on Greenhorns Radio

This was a fun interview with Severine, the director of the Greenhorns, an organization that is documenting and encouraging the young farmer movement in America. Go to the page below to hear us discuss Cully Neighborhood Farm, how we got started, urban farming in general, and the Cully Neighborhood.

Biznis Time, continued

It’s been all business this January. A grant for an education program proposal, a new business structure, new operating agreement, preparing for tax season with tax workshops, finishing the business plan for final approval by Mercy Corps, and making sure we’ve got accounting in place for the new year. Little by little, our business knowledge… Continue reading Biznis Time, continued

Taking care of business

Hello All– As January rolls around our fields still lay dormant, but we do not. We’re taking the opportunity presented by cold weather to get ourselves in line with other “indoor” projects. We are finishing a business plan and training with Mercy Corps NW in order to get a small business grant, we are working… Continue reading Taking care of business

A great first season

The season has officially ended as of last week. We harvested and did our individual orders one last time and what we harvested was close to the last of our produce, a great thing to use most all of it! Most things died in the big freeze a couple weeks ago too so it was… Continue reading A great first season

It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since my last post but I finally got back on the website to clean it up, post new photos, fix some typos, and spend hours staring at a computer. Other than that, a few things we’re excited about….. We’re excited that we now have a listserve! This means that the power… Continue reading It’s been a while…

Final Farmers Market Today!

Come to the Interstate Farmers Market at 3550 N. Interstate Ave. today from 3-7 to get some produce and celebrate a sweet first season of farmers markets for Cully Neighborhood Farm.