CSA share 7/21/11

Let’s do the numbers…

basil – small handful
beet thinnings – bunch
chives – bunch
chard – bunch
cucumber – 1 or so
arugula – ~0.5 lb
lettuce – 1 head of “sucrine”
cut mixed lettuce – ~0.5 lb

parsley – large bunch
carrots – 1 bunch
oregano cuttings with flowers – 1 bunch
summer squash
cabbage – 1 head of “gonzalez”

We hope you enjoy this week’s share. We are starting to get flowers regularly now, though we realized that we didn’t remember to offer them to each of you, as they are in a separate bucket when you come get your share. So from here on out, please take flowers from the bucket if we forget to offer them! We will do our best to remember to offer them as well. Our apologies to those who didn’t get them this week. We have mostly calendula and marigolds.

The tomatoes are getting trellised up and are looking fine, considering the weather. There are a good number of green tomatoes as well as green peppers getting going. The eggplants are flowering as well, so that’s a good sign. Onions are sizing up – we should start giving them out in mid-August. Cucumbers should be ramping up bit by bit now.

Quick reminders:
– we’ll take your clean, dry produce-sized plastic bags
– we’ll take your twist ties and rubber bands
– we’ll take your kitchen scrap compost if you bring it in another container besides the green bins.

– The recipe share page is still going strong – if you haven’t checked it recently: www.cullyneighborhoodfarm.org/recipe-share

One idea for using the baby beets is just to steam them all together with the greens still on! The baby ones shouldn’t take too long to cook through.

That’s it for tonight, cheers, your farmers,

Matt & Michael.

By michael brian tevlin

Farmer and life-skills trainer for people with disabilities.

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