A great first season

Thumbs up for a good first season

The season has officially ended as of last week. We harvested and did our individual orders one last time and what we harvested was close to the last of our produce, a great thing to use most all of it! Most things died in the big freeze a couple weeks ago too so it was a nice clear ending to our season. And as we close the season on a high note it is evident that it was a great success. We sold more than we projected, got great feedback, are beginning plans for a CSA next year, and had a lot of fun and learned so much.

Right now it is on to our winter projects– a shed, a shelter, a canopy, website work, creating a more extensive outreach program, networking with other farmers, planning the Cully Community Market, crop planning, reading, nail down our main restauraunt outlets, and so much more. We’ll keep you posted on when we will start signups for our CSA. We plan to have about 14 members. Until then, have fun in the rain and don’t get too depressed, it’s nice to have some time inside!

By michael brian tevlin

Farmer and life-skills trainer for people with disabilities.

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