Taking care of business

Picking beans when it was warm

Hello All–

As January rolls around our fields still lay dormant, but we do not. We’re taking the opportunity presented by cold weather to get ourselves in line with other “indoor” projects. We are finishing a business plan and training with Mercy Corps NW in order to get a small business grant, we are working out our crop plan and Matt is working his magic on Excel, we are starting a new business structure and getting training and advice from SCORE and Mercy Corps NW, targeting local restaurants, writing grants for an education program, and we are making plans for an education partnership with teaching students at Concordia College. So in no way are we bored this winter. Once we finish this work it will be on to building some shelters and sheds and possibly a greenhouse on site, then getting ready for preparing the beds and the soil during February or March, dependent on weather. Coming in the next month will be a sign-up for our CSA, which we are planning as well. We plan to have 14 members.

See you soon!

Michael and Matt

By michael brian tevlin

Farmer and life-skills trainer for people with disabilities.

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