CSA Week 6

Look at this fabulous scene!  Tomato trellising amidst toddlers, bikes, and umbrellas.  We had lots of great helpers yesterday during our community farm hours .

In your share this week:

snap peas – probably the last of them for the season

collard greens – some seriously large leaves!

bok choi – makes a little reprise here for some variety

“napoli” carrots

beets – still picking off of our first spring planting

green / fresh garlic – though small, these garlic should be able to be chopped and used whole.  You may want to peel off one layer of skin off the whole thing if it feels a little fibrous.  These are not cured, so should be kept in the fridge for best storage.  The garlic rust has limited the size of the bulbs, but the other variety I have which is a hardneck, should be bigger.  Making notes on how to limit the rust for next year…

Lettuce – red leaf “Samantha”

Basil – the first of the season!  You could make a little bit of pesto with the fresh garlic.