Community Farming

Cully Neighborhood Farm is partnering with Grow Portland to offer community farming, an experiment in growing food collaboratively. The purpose is to learn new skills, save money and access exceptionally delicious and healthy food. Community farming is open to all.  Participants  contribute labor on the farm and work under the instruction of the farmer.  Come drop in to see what it’s all about – you might find yourself coming back every week!

The details:

Hours: Mondays, 1:30-4:30pm (through end of October). EXCEPT: Holiday weeks Community Farming will be Tuesday instead of Monday on the weeks of Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. 5/30 -> 5/31, 7/4 -> 7/5, 9/5 -> 9/6 

Anyone is welcome to come to the farm during Community Farming hours to join the community farming effort.  Participants will be guided on farm tasks by Cully Neighborhood Farm owner Matt Gordon.  During harvest season, community farm participants take home produce from the farm in addition to learning hands-on farming skills.

There is an optional suggested donation of $3-5 per community farm session to help cover the cost of farming inputs like seed, compost, etc.

Directions to the farm:

The farm is behind Trinity Lutheran Church & School @ 5520 NE Killingsworth, Portland OR 97218.  You can find the farm behind the church’s parking lot and open field.

Regular participation:

There is no commitment necessary to participate in community farming, but if you are interested in participating most weeks for a month to a full season, please contact me:

More Community Farming Info Here

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