Week 7


In the share this week:

carrots “napoli” – these are sizing up!

cabbage – “nash’s green” – an open pollinated variety bred in Washington for organic systems.  I’m super excited about this variety as it is performing so well!  Most cabbage varieties that organic market growers use these days are hybrids, but here’s an open pollinated variety that is comparing nicely.

arugula – a nice salad addition, or throw it in a sandwich or on top of eggs?

zucchini OR turnips – some of you got turnips and some of you got zucchini today.  The first zucchini of the season was today, so there wasn’t enough to go around, thus this option.

green onions – this is the last of these this week – they are huge!

swiss chard – rainbow goodness

parsley – tabouleh anyone?

lettuce “nevada” – nice big green heads.  I’m loving this variety as well.  These would probably make good lettuce wraps.

In other news, we continue to plant successions of carrots, arugula, lettuce, beets, and more.  We continue to trellis up the tomatoes (and ignore the cucumbers which also need to be trellised:).  We just keep on keeping on!

If you’re out and about tomorrow, I’ll be speaking at InFARMation tomorrow evening on the subject of “cultivating the next generation of farmers.”  Here’s the Facebook event: