In your box today you will find:

Instead of a lettuce head you have some salad mix – a mix of arugula and lettuce leaves.  It should be spun or pat dry as soon as possible for longest storage (I don’t have a good way to fully dry the salad without bruising it).

First tomatoes today!  Just a few, but enough to spread out to the shares.




green beans

beets (gold and red)

golden swiss chard

The grey misty day brought a little relief from the dry conditions of the last month, but it didn’t rain enough to have any affect on the irrigation schedule.  I had THREE (count em) helpers today!  This was very exciting because the harvest was finished pretty early and we got to some badly needed weeding – not a usual activity for a CSA harvest day.  Cleo and Michael finished liberating a bed of carrots which had been literally buried in tall weeds, and I got to hoe the peppers and eggplant in the field, which had begun to be taken over by a sea of tall pigweed and grass.  A big thank you to all the great volunteers I’ve had this season!

The final plantings of beets and carrots are both peeking their seedling heads up out of the moist ground.  These are the roots we will be eating in November and beyond.  I peeked at a winter weather forecast model for the northwest today, and it is predicted that we will have neither El Niño or La Niña conditons, making it a “normal” winter.  For comparison, this past winter was also considered “normal.”  For more, check out Cliff Mass’ Weather Blog.