First of all, I want to share a website which I just found.  It is an entertaining look at what to do with some of those not-so-familiar CSA vegetables.  Some of them we have already passed now in the season, but you may see them again in the fall.  It does talk about chard which you have in today’s share and beets which you had last week.  Here’s the site: http://www.buzzfeed.com/rachelysanders/confusing-scary-csa-vegetables-recipes 

Today’s share:

– one head of garlic

– bunch of carrots

– a few tomatoes!  Yes they are here and will be for some time.  The regular looking red slicers are called “new girl” and they were my earliest variety to ripen this year.  As we get more tomatoes in the shares I’ll explain more about the other varieties (mostly heirlooms).  I’m excited about the potential for a great tomato season this year!



lettuce – 2 small heads, one of which you’ll find is probably bolting, meaning, starting to flower.  It’s been hard to keep certain lettuce varieties from bolting too early in the heat, as they get easily stressed.  Usually a bolting lettuce head means it will be bitter, but the leaves of these weren’t too bitter so I put them in the share anyway.  The actual flower stem itself is probably pretty bitter though.

swiss chard – a large bunch today.

green beans – smaller amount than last week, but no less delicious.