Not one, not two, but THREE new items in the share today!  Green beans, fingerling potatoes, and green peppers.  The peppers are thinnings of what will become sweet yellow and red peppers.  I have to thin out usually just one pepper per plant that gets caught right in the center nook where the main stalk splits into multiple stalks.  If they are left there they almost always rot because they don’t have enough air flow around them.  So you get them green instead!

I thought there might be tomatoes in the share today but there weren’t quite enough.  Next week!

The fingerling potato variety is “Laratte,” from France and a very delicious and tasty potato.  I am a little disappointed with their yield, although they are still growing a bit.

The green beans are “Provider,” a new variety for me, which I like a lot so far.  Easy to pick, and nice big fat tasty beans that stay tender even when large.

Other things in your share: cucumbers, zucchini, head of lettuce (mostly “Jericho” the romaine, though a few of you got “Sylvesta” a green butterhead), lacinato kale, red and gold beets.

Are you tired of zucchini?  Have you tried frying it in a pan with some olive oil?  Or grilling it with plenty of olive oil?  Those are my favorite ways to eat it.

This recipe for salad nicoise uses the green beans, the potatoes, and the cukes:


Another green bean option (a greasy one):