Today’s share is similar to Monday’s, so check that posting out, with the exception of lacinato kale instead of swiss chard.  For the lettuce, you got either a head of the butterhead “Pirat,” or the romaine “Jericho.”  Monday got frisee or escarole, but you have escarole or radicchio.  They are all somewhat similar chicory salad greens.  A cold water soak takes some of the bitterness away.  You guys got the very very last of the green onions today.  Wow they sure lasted forever – I think I’ve been harvesting off of that same planting since early June!  Kohlrabi is back but smaller this time round.  The carrots are now all the ‘danvers’ variety.  Eggplant is here!  Zukes and cukes keep rollin’ along.

I still have half of the garlic left to harvest out of the ground.  I will try to get that done tomorrow.  The first round of harvested garlic has now been curing for 2 weeks in the garage so that means it can be taken down, cleaned, and put in storage (e.g. my basement).  The newly harvested batch will take its place curing in the garage.

I’m amazed at the growth of some of the winter squash in the field.  It’s such a fast growing plant.  I thought I got it in rather late, but I have what looks like almost mature squash on quite a few plants.  The “long pie pumpkin” variety is especially vigorous this year, with some giant fruits on it like I’ve never seen before.

In less happy news I’ve discovered the disease “clubroot” in some of my brassica crops.  It basically makes infected roots swell up into galls or cysts and stunts plant growth.  It only affects brassica family plants as far as I know.  It looks like adding lime and paying good attention to crop rotation are the main control methods, which I’m already doing.

That’s the news from Cully!  _Matt.