Eggplant is here!  Kohlrabi is back for a quick curtain call.  Green onions are on their last legs (I dont think you’ll see them anymore this year).  Carrots are yummy and the newer planting I started harvesting from today looks more productive than the first one.  Lettuce is back for the time being (Pirat is the variety).  And of course there is the everpresent zucchini and cucumber.  Chard for your braising pleasure.  You have either a head of frisee or escarole for additional salad greens (frisee is pictured – escarole has flatter less frilly leaves).  Escarole and frisee are both chicories and share a distinctive bitter/sweet flavor.  If you soak it in cold water for 20 minutes it will help cut some of the bitterness.  I like it chopped up into salad with a simple olive oil, lemon, and salt dressing.