Week 26 – finally a frost!

This warm fall has decided it is finally time for some cold temps.  What does that do to the veggies?  Those that are hardy enough to stick around in the ground get a bit sweeter as they make more sugars in their cells as a sort of anti-freeze.  Do you notice the difference in theContinue reading “Week 26 – finally a frost!”

Thank you 2012 CSA members!

Thanks to everyone who was a member of Cully Neighborhood Farm’s CSA in 2012!  We had our best year ever with 18 summer shares and 15 large biweekly winter shares (Nov/December). I am planning to go full-time at Cully Neighborhood Farm this year starting in April and expand the CSA to around 30 shares!  SoContinue reading “Thank you 2012 CSA members!”