Compliments of spring…CSA-4:11:13

Some of you returning CSA members got a thank you in the form of a complimentary preseason box today.  (there will be another chance for those who weren’t able to make it).  In the box:

– mache AKA corn salad – this is the funny little salad green in the bag.  It’s super cold hardy and slow growing.  It was seeded in September!  It’s got a unique taste and texture which I quite like as it is different from any other salad green I’ve had.  Wash it well and tear into salad.  I put it with the radicchio with oil, lime juice, salt, and pepper.  mmmmm…  I think that I’m harvesting this a bit late as it is bolting (starting to make flower buds), but it’s still tasty.

– purple sprouting broccoli – these are fun rapini

– little overwintered cylindrical beets – I wouldn’t bother trying to peel these as they’re pretty small.  Maybe just clean up the tops a bit and steam/saute/braise/roast?

– swiss chard

– leeks

– parsnips – you may have to cut or peel off a few dark spots – these overwintered nicely but won’t last much longer in the ground.  Perhaps roast in the oven with the beets?

– radicchios – some of these are huge!  If you got a big one it might have fuzzy leaves and might be a better candidate for a quick braising than for salad.  If you are eating them fresh and want to take some of the bitterness off, a 20minute soak in cold water will help.