Fourth Spring Share

Lettuces, choi, spinach, salad turnips, green onions, mild mustard greens. Lettuces will vary week to week but in the photo here are a red leaf and a romaine. The spinach is beautiful and actually right on schedule, although germination wasn’t as good as hoped so there’s not quite as much as we planned for. The salad turnips are a week later than planned and the heat may have given them a little spice, but they’re looking lovely and tasting great! Green onions are three weeks behind schedule and are finally big enough to be reasonable to harvest. We’ve been gambling a bit on the choi and mustards with the heat and they’ve mostly bolted earlier than we hoped. They’re still tasty, just a hair past where we’d usually harvest. We’re always pushing some edges and learning from it.

Next week should see choi but not the mustard greens (which came in last week’s share for the B schedule folks). We’ll probably start kale harvests next week to fill that spot in the shares.

This was a huge planting week will all of the corn, dry beans, winter squash and summer squash getting planted, along with the first round of cucumbers and fresh beans. All of the field irrigation got set up, so that’s a big task out of the way. We’re still a little behind on getting a few things in the ground and with all of the recent plantings we have a ton of hoeing to do. Fortunately, the weather forecast for next week looks super conducive to getting things done!