Fifth Spring Share Predictions

Looks like we might have some snow peas for next week’s harvest, right on schedule. The lettuce is looking good, and yesterday we gave out the first of the kale, and that will be in the A week, with collards likely showing up in the B week shares. Radishes are another possibility, and more turnips are likely. Beets and fennel are behind schedule so those won’t be in the shares. The parsley is looking good so we may put some of that in if we have time to harvest it, and fava greens are another outside possibility.

Looks like we’ll continue to have cooler evenings this coming week, which isn’t ideal for the summer crops, although combined with warmer, sunnier days they’re good conditions for us to catch up on hoeing all of the crops we’ve just planted, and for growth of the remaining spring crops.

We’ve almost planted out the entire farm at this point, although we still have beds in the pick-your-own section and a few other spots for some later crops. We’re already starting to plant a second round of crops in some of the places where we harvested early crops. It’s always a big planning puzzle in the winter figuring out where everything goes, and then more of a puzzle this time of year when things don’t line up exactly as planned. The fields are looking pretty good though and so far the puzzle pieces are all fitting together!