Predictions for the fourth spring shares

We’re past the half way point for spring now, and we’re starting to get to the point where we’ve started our spring harvests for the past few years. Here’s what looks likely for the upcoming shares: lettuce, choi, salad turnips, green onions, red mustard, kale. Today’s shares were a little different than last week’s and they didn’t have choi, but they did have mizspoona, which is a mild mustard green. Next week will also get Mizspoona in the shares.

We had a big day on the farm, taking advantage of the sun and lingering soil moisture from the last rains. All of the tomatoes are now in the ground, as is the basil, celery, celeriac and more lettuces! Huge thanks to Tiiu and Allison for working extra hours in the evening after what was already a big harvest day to get it all done.

This week promises to be another big planting week and the weather looks conducive. With a little luck we’ll get more of the summer crops planted, bush beans, cucumbers and summer squash, along with the fall crops of corn, dry beans and winter squash. Looks like we’re solidly into irrigation season too!