Third Spring Share

’Tis the season for young greens and we’ve got a good selection for you this week, along with a few radishes to add some color and spice! Mustard greens, lettuces, arugula, radishes, baby collard greens, choi are all in the shares. The lettuces are starting to get a little larger and we had both green crisp and a choice of red leaf or green butter. The mustard is beautiful and abundant so a big share of that. The collard greens were a bit of an experiment, and it seems to have worked pretty well. They’re one of the few crops we save our own seed on so we had extra to direct seed this spring to see how it would come out as a baby green. Radishes didn’t germinate super well this spring so just a few in the share, and we’ll try for more in a few weeks. The choi is bolting but it’s still tasty, flower stalks and all.

Next week’s share should be similar, minus the choi which came in the shares last week. We may end up also having a bit of yet another type of mild mustard depending on what the weather looks like it’s going to do.

The rain today meant we didn’t have to spend time setting up irrigation. It also meant it was a little trickier to get beds prepared for planting so we didn’t get everything in the ground we hoped to. We did get most of the rest of the leeks in the ground, which is nice to have done. We also got some of the bed prep done which should allow us to plant more on Monday, weather permitting. It does look like it’s supposed to start warming up the second part of next week, which is good timing for planting out the first of our summer crops.