Predictions for the third spring share

A few warm dry days and the plants that have been just hanging out definitely put on some quick growth! We’re still a good bit behind where I hoped we would be but here are my best predictions for the third spring share based on what I saw out there today: baby lettuce heads, cut mustard greens, baby choi (the B schedule got these today as they weren’t going to hold any longer), baby collards, radishes. There’s a small chance we’ll put some green onions in there but they’re still quite small. Not sure how many radishes we’ll actually have but there are a few that look like they will be ready. We might also put some herbs in as we go through and renovate those beds.

Today was a reminder of all the things we have to do during harvest when the weather turns warm. It’s a pretty major shift from refrigerator like temperatures where the veggies just take care of themselves even after they’re harvested, to needing to keep them hydrated and cool in the shade! It was nice to be sorting without having to wear gloves to keep my fingers warm though.

With the dry weather we were able to get some good hoeing done. We also planted most of the onions (except for the tray I forgot to bring to the farm) and a few of the fall leeks. Today there was still good moisture in the field, but if this weather keeps up, and the forecast says it will, we’ll be racing to hook up our first field irrigation of the year on Monday – only a week or two later than usual. I wouldn’t mind a little more rain this spring, but please mix it in with plenty of this sunny, warm weather!

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