Second Spring Share Predictions

The B schedule shares this Thursday looked similar to the A schedule and we’ll try to keep it that way. The raab wasn’t as bountiful but we found some spinach that had overwinter in the tunnel so that went into the B schedule shares. Looking at the crops in the field and comparing that to the plan I made back in December I’d say we’re about two to four weeks behind schedule in the fields, and that means we’ll have a lot of what was planned for the first shares in the second shares, and it’ll still be on the small side, but should be tasty nonetheless: baby lettuce, arugula, mustard, chives. Those are my best guesses right now, also possible may be a bit of choi, and we’ll see if we can pull some more raab from the overwintered collards and kale.

You may have noticed that it’s been a particularly cold, damp spring – not ideal growing conditions, but we’re finding little windows of dry to get in the fields, plant and hoe weeds. Looking at the forecast last week we were able to switch our normal Monday work day to Friday and were treated to the nicest day in the field we’ve had so far this year. At this point we’re pretty much caught up on planting and hoeing. If it’s a typical year we’ll be starting to need to run irrigation in the field in a week or two – a little hard to imagine that this year, but I suppose it’s possible. Ideally we’ll continue to get a bit of rain each week with a few days of dry where we can work beds and plant. If you have any sway with the weather gods, please put in a request for us.

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