5th Winter Share

The snow may have done us a favor last week, insulating the crops from yet another very cold freeze. In the share this week are: beets, collards, leeks, carrots, turnips, and radicchio. We also had a little Belgian endive on the farm stand.

This was definitely the last of the radicchio , beets and turnips. This variety of turnip is a new one for us and so far I’ve been very impressed with how cold hardy it is. The greens even looked good this time so we left them on.

Just a few weeks ago I was wondering if we’d have anything for the last two shares with all the hard freezes we’ve had this winter. Looks like we should actually have a decent share in two weeks, too (fingers crossed for good weather that day!)

Today we got the first spring plantings in the ground. It was later than planned, by a week, but we’re really pushing it with the cold we’ve been having. The longer days are good though and if we get more sun breaks with the showers the plants should start growing soon. We’re already seeing new growth on the overwintered crops.