First Winter Share

Leeks, carrots, radicchio, winter radish, kale and root parsley. We were hoping to have frisée but it got knocked back hard by the freeze in December. The radishes and radicchio have a little bit of frost damage, too. They might require a bit of extra trimming in the kitchen and won’t store as well, but they should still be sweet and good to eat. As usual there was a variety of radicchio types to choose from. Pictured is Castelfranco. Treviso

Precoce and Chioggia were also options. There are two types of kale in the share, Lacinato Rainbow and Polaris North Star. The root parsley has greens that are the parsley you know, but also a root with great parsley flavor.

We got lucky with the weather today. The wind wasn’t great, but nice to have a warm, relatively dry day. Harvest took most of the day so we only got a little clean up around the fields done. Still another month to go before we start planting again so most of the next month is clean up and planning.

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