Winter Update

I stopped by the farm today just to see if the wind and ice had done any damage and there was nothing obvious so that’s a big relief. The wind and ice brought down some limbs and certainly set some plants back. We won’t know how much damage to crops there was until we actually start harvesting them, but most of what we’re growing should have survived with minimal damage. In fact, most of what we’re growing probably appreciates a little cold weather and it’s a bit warmer than ideal right now. Looks like it might stay that way and at least if it does it’ll make harvest a little warmer for the harvest crew.

Our winter CSA season starts Thursday. If you’re signed up you should receive an email today, a reminder that Cloud Cap Mushrooms has a mushroom CSA pick-up at our farm so you can get mushrooms with your veggies if you like. It also says that we’ll send out details on the first pick up next week. I’m really looking forward to getting back into the field and pulling some winter roots and greens out!

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