Second Winter Share

Rutabaga, mache, beets, leeks, carrots and radicchio. We left the greens on the rutabagas and they’re very sweet, much like kale. There are two types of mache in the share (aka corn salad), a lighter green and a darker green. These make delicious salad and similar to spinach they tend to need extra vigorous washing. You can eat the whole floret, stem and leaf. The beets are a mixed variety called 3 root grex. A grex is a breeding population so lots of variation in shapes and colors, but all sweet. There are two radicchios in the share, one forcing type and one field grown. The forcing type in the photo is Treviso tardivo. We didn’t have enough for everyone so a few folks got isontina or Belgian endive.

Harvest, as usual, pretty much took all day. We still have a month until we start planting in the field for spring crops so for now that’s fine. Again we got lucky with dry weather for harvest, and it was really nice to have more daylight at the end of the day. Looks like we’ve still got lots of good food in the field for the upcoming harvests, but it’s a tricky time of year. This time of year has the best tasting roots and greens, but it’s also when it takes the longest to harvest and sort through the damage caused by extended cold, wet weather. So far it seems like it’s been worth it.

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