Predictions for the Sixth Fall Share

Our final harvests of the fall season and the year will be December 15 and 19. Because I guessed wrong on the last harvest, or maybe I should just say because I updated the plan at the last minute, some of the prediction for the fifth share will show up in the sixth: Collards, radicchio, carrots, radish, leeks, rutabaga and popcorn. On the farm stand we should have a bit of polenta corn with the grinder set up for folks who want to grind their own, and also more odds and ends like daikon, fennel and kohlrabi.

Monday’s harvest was a tricky one with the snow still on the ground when we arrived. It was a beautiful sunny day though, with no wind, so working conditions were actually a little more pleasant than they’ve been for the past few harvests. We had to wait for the greens to thaw before we could, but it meant we got lots of other field work done – the last of the drip tape is out of the field now as are all of our wooden stakes and row cover hoops. Just a little more trellising to pull down.

After the fall harvests are done we take a two week break and then we’re right back to harvesting winter shares – weather permitting. As I’m writing this we still have one winter share available. We’re planning on having extras on the farm stand too, but winter farm stand hours will be reduced to every other Thursday, 4-5:30PM, starting January 5 and going for twelve weeks into the middle of March. I’m still working on the plans for the spring, summer and fall 2023 shares and expect those to be open for sign-ups in late January or early February. Stay tuned…

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