Fifth Fall Share

Not quite what I predicted: radicchio, mustard, turnip, carrot, leeks, escarole hearts and chard.

The radicchio for Thursday is sugarloaf but Monday will likely be a mix of types. The turnip is a new one for us, Aprovecho Hardy. The leeks are the first harvest of our winter variety, blue solaise. Escarole was a bit frost damaged on the tips so just the hearts, which is really the best part. Chard was still looking good today despite the frosts we’ve had. I’m not sure if it’ll make it through the predicted cold weather this weekend so we might have a different green on Monday.

In the field it’s the never ending cleanup, which actually is starting to get to the point where it looks like we might get all of the trellises out of the field before next year! Not much other than that to report, it’s been a good fall so far.

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