Predictions for the Fifth Fall Share

Looks like I forgot to post this last week but here it is, the prediction: December! That’s the easy part of the prediction, the trickier part is what’ll be in the share. Here’s what the plan made last winter was: leeks, collards, escarole, radicchio, carrots, and winter radish. Most of those things we’ll probably have extras of on the farm stand, too.

That’s probably as close as I’m going to get, but we’ll see what’s been doing well in the cold and wet since last week when we actually get into the fields on Thursday. I could do without the wind, but the weather has actually been pretty favorable this fall, with good levels of cold and just enough moisture mixed with decent amounts of sun.

We’re making progress on cleaning up from the summer. Trellises are slowly coming down, most of the drip tape is out of the fields, and it was dry enough to do a bunch of mowing last week. In the office I’m deep into planning season so if you have feedback from this past year now is a great time to let us know. We particularly like knowing what you loved! It can also be helpful to know if there were things you didn’t like, or if there were changes or new things you’d like to see. No really big changes are in the plans for next season, yet. It’ll probably be more like lots of the typical little tweaks that aren’t necessarily any more noticeable than the year to year variations in the weather and growing conditions.

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