Fourth Fall Share

Radicchio, mustard greens, winter radish, rutabaga, carrots, celeriac, kale. The radicchio pictured is Treviso precoce, but some folks got Verona or Chioggia and we’ll continue to have a mix of varieties. They’re all great in their own ways, and we typically have plenty of extras on the farm stand, too. The winter radish this week is Blauer, which got huge and has a nice purple exterior and a spicy white interior. The rutabaga are decent sized and should be a good treat. The celeriac never really sized up so two smallish ones in the shares. Monday’s share should be just about the same.

Crazy windy and dry today out in the fields. The sun felt good though and we had enough time to clean up some of the summer trellising, row cover, and drip tape so that was nice to have dry weather for. The frosts have finished off the last remaining summer crops and they’re sweetening up the fall and winter ones. Things look good in the fields right now!

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