Predictions for the fourth fall share

Kale, mustard greens, radicchio, carrots, winter radishes, and rutabaga were the crops we planned for next week and I think that’s probably going to be a solid prediction. One other possibility is celeriac. We’ll see how the frost treated all of the crops when we go to harvest, but with a little luck it primarily will have sweetened them all up!

This past Monday had a bonus round of radicchio, as a lot of our Lusia type was ready, as well as some of our Rosso di Chioggia and early Verona. We’ll try to make that up with bonus radicchio for Thursday members either this week or in one of the December harvests. Because of the way we planted radicchio this year (lots of trial varieties), and its tendency to not mature completely evenly, we’ll likely often have choices of radicchio types when we give it out. They’re all great, but also slightly different. (@chicoryweek on IG) has a gallery of some of the types we’re growing. In addition to the ones on their gallery you may see: Pan di Zucchero (sugarloaf), which is a large, green type that can be used for fresh salads or more commonly for roasting; Bianco di Chioggia, similar to Rosso but pale green; Lusia, which like Castelfranco is typically green with red streaks but is a bit more delicate.

Field work has slowed to a crawl. The main task on Monday was pulling more irrigation lines out of the field and making sure all of the valves are open to avoid any freezing damage to the water lines. Today, instead of working in the field I’m in the office catching up on record keeping and starting to plan next year’s plantings!

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