Third Fall Share

Another nice one today: escarole, arugula, sweet peppers, salad turnips, spinach, watermelon radish, carrots, leeks and collards. On the farm stand we had the last of the lettuce and the first of the radicchio, along with a last few sweet peppers, daikons, and red beets.

In the field we had time for a little cleanup, but not much. Harvest and packing took most of the day. Next week is going to look different with the end of daylight savings for Monday’s pick up, and then possible frost later in the week. Overall the dark won’t be great but the frost, if it’s not too hard, could help sweeten everything up and kill some pests so I’m optimistic it’ll be a good thing for future harvests. It’ll definitely mean the end of any remnants of summer crops and a full entry into fall and winter greens and roots.

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