Predictions for the third fall share

Leeks, arugula, collards, escarole, spinach, parsley, carrots, winter radishes, salad turnips. That’s a pretty long list and we may have to pare it back a bit just to get everything done in time. As of now it’s all looking good though so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that the weather and pests are kind – the two most difficult to control aspects this time of year. Reminder that with the increasing dark we’ll be moving to a 4-6pm regular pick up window. I just ordered a string of solar lights to help light up the pick-up area this time of year – fingers crossed there’ll be enough sun to charge them every few days.

I was just out at the farm this afternoon harvesting some samples of escarole and endive for the sagra tomorrow. The presentations today at the chicory symposium were excellent! Really nice to see a bunch of friends who are all chicory growing fanatics all in one place. If you’re at the sagra tomorrow I’ll be at the endivia table and I’ll probably put up a bunch of snapshots over on my @slowhandfarm instagram page. We should have a few extras on the farm stand next week, and maybe even the first few radicchio will make it onto the farm stand, too.

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