Second Fall Share

Lettuce, leeks, hakurei turnips, beets, daikon, fennel, sweet peppers, celery and chard. All this warm, sunny weather we’ve been having has meant the summer veggies are holding on later than usual and we’re getting more growth than usual for the fall veggies. This is probably the last of the lettuce, sweet peppers. Celery and daikon were only planned for one harvest but we have other winter radishes coming, and we should also have celeriac in an upcoming share. It was supposed to be the last of the hakurei, but there’s a chance we may have enough for another round in a couple of weeks. Chard wasn’t even on the list for fall harvests, but it’s always a possibility until we get a frost, and this week it’s looking great with super vibrant colors!

Field tomatoes weren’t in the share today but we’ve opened up those tomatoes for you-pick and CSA members are welcome to pick any time in the next few days. The rain will likely start splitting the remaining tomatoes, but there are still some good ones out there. Thanks to some great volunteers the you-pick area is looking really great right now. There are still cherry tomatoes there, as well as the last of the hot peppers and a bunch of cilantro along with the perennial herbs. Flowers are also making their last hurrah and will decline quickly with the rain and cooler temperatures.

It’s looking like we’re finally going to get into a more typical PNW fall weather pattern this weekend and it’ll be good to get some rain back into the ground. I’m hopeful that we’ll have a gradual transition to cooler temperatures, too, which will help the late fall and winter crops sweeten up and resist freezing damage if temperatures get really cold at some point.

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