Predictions for the second fall share

The next fall shares will be on Thursday, 10/20 and Monday 10/24. As of now here’s what looks likely to be in the shares: Lettuce, chard, fennel, celery, beets, salad turnips, and daikon. This depends a bit on what the weather ends up doing between now and then, and what we find when we pull the roots out of the ground, but those crops are all looking decent right now.

It was a big harvest day for us but we did get a little bit of planting done – a trial section of French grey shallots for next summer. I’ve been growing these in my garden for a number of years now and they’re completely different from the larger shallots we grow, more like garlic in the sense that they’re intensely flavored and come in a smaller, more tightly wrapped package.

This weather has been really nice for field work. It’s cooling off overnight and the days are short, but we’re getting some warm, dry sun in the mid-day and that’s helping some of the summer crops hold on, and the fall crops to keep growing – not to mention it’s a lot nicer to work in that cold rain. I know it won’t last forever, but if it lasts through the next harvest that would be lovely – we still have some dry beans to get out of the field before it starts raining!

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