New Pick-Up Location Option for Fall (and Winter?)

We still have 10 fall shares available and the fall season has already started – although Monday is still the first share of the season as our harvest weeks start on Thursdays this year, not the more typical Monday start to the week. To expand our market a little we’re going to experiment with adding a St. Johns pick up location the fall and if it goes well we’ll do it this winter, too. I haven’t quite figured out how to make the option show up on our Grownby store so if you want to take advantage just sign up as if you’re picking up at the farm and then send me an email saying you want to get the details for the St. Johns pick up. It’ll be on my porch which is close to the library and bags will be there by 7:30pm.

I’m also happy to drop bags off on your porch if it’s on my cycling route home, or within a few blocks – basically the NE Simpson – NE Holman – N Rosa Parks – N Willamette corridor. Again, send me an email if you’re interested with your address and I’ll let you know if it’s possible. This goes for folks who have already signed up, too.

Thursday at the farm I looked up and there were four bikes parked at the farm while we were working – I love that so many of us are able to ride to the farm. Before I was a farmer I was a bicycle mechanic and I’m much happier riding my bicycle than driving a car in almost every situation. About a decade ago I spent three years delivering all of my CSA shares by electric cargo bike and I still miss those days – this might be dipping my toe back into those waters. That was when I wasn’t working on a farm that was so convenient for so many people to come to though. More than riding my bike I love that so many folks are able to come see the farm when they pick up shares. In the fall and winter pick up is often in the dark and there’s not much in the you-pick area so it makes less sense for everyone to come to the farm. Again, it’s all a big experiment. Sign up and let me know if you want your share delivered – you’ll still be welcome out at the farm any time!

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