First Fall Share

Lettuce, tomatoes, kale, sweet peppers, salad turnips, carrots, kohlrabi, and spinach. The lettuce is red leaf and this might be the last lettuce share of the year, or we might have one more after this. Tomatoes are a bit of a bonus this week and they are definitely on their way out. The kale is Rainbow Lacinato which still needs a bit of cold weather to sweeten up, but the plants needed to be cleaned up a bit so we harvested a bit for the shares. The kohlrabi are pretty nice sized Superschmelz, a good storage vegetable that will keep in the fridge for a long time – even after having chunks cut out of it. The spinach continues to be nice and we got another good harvest today. With a little luck it’ll keep growing and we’ll have more later in the year, too.

In the field today we took advantage of the warm, dry weather and harvested and hung the rest of the polenta corn, picked more dry beans, and planted favas to overwinter for early spring greens.

We still have 11 more fall CSA shares available and it’s not too late to sign up for the full season. Monday will be the same share as today. And then the second share will be two weeks from now. The fall crops hold really well in your refrigerator and we’ll have lots of extras on the farm stand so you can stock up for the longer gap between share pick ups. Harvesting and packing shares every other week in the fall gives us more time to work on cleaning up from the summer season and getting ready for next year. It’s a bit of an experiment this fall but we’re hoping it’ll be better for everyone!

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