Predictions for 13th Summer Share

The 13th and final summer share is coming up and here’s what I think will be in it: Lettuce, spinach, leeks, parsley, salad turnips and sweet peppers. Definitely a mix that’s transitioning us into fall. We still have more red leaf lettuce in the field, but I might be able to pull a. Little green crisp out to break things up as we’ve had a long run of red leaf at this point due to it being the only lettuce that stood up to the heat and nibbling rodents in the greenhouse. The leeks are still a little small as they got in the ground late and didn’t love the heat, but they should still be a tasty treat. Salad turnips are also still small but should have good greens on them at this point. The one item that will be missed is winter squash – we had a near total crop failure this year. I’ve heard a similar story from some other farms (misery loves company) and they will definitely be missed. Fortunately a lot of the other fall and winter crops are actually looking very promising so there shouldn’t be any lack of produce despite the failure of that one crop.

We got through more weeds yesterday, cleaning up some of the fall beets, radicchio, escarole, endive, mustards and celeriac. The fields are starting to look much better again. We still have 17 fall shares available. The fall season this year is two pick-ups in October, two in November and two in December – every other week, either Thursdays or Mondays, and the price is just $165. The produce is typically some of my favorite of the year as the cooling temperatures start to sweeten the roots as well as the greens. Our fall shares start 10/6 so sign up soon!

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